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Nokia establishes visibility across distribution operations in the Middle East

In many countries in the Middle East and Asia, Nokia found it onerous to increase market share for its re-vamped smartphones due to antiquated practices employed by its distributors and retailers. Parts of supply chain used manual processes that were time-consuming and prone to errors, thus affecting sales. Often, it was impossible for the head office to have complete visibility of the supply chain to troubleshoot bottlenecks and delivery errors.

Executives at Nokia in the UAE and in Pakistan decided to establish end-to-end visibility across all distribution operations by deploying TMX-SD. Using the product, each Nokia smartphone can be tracked with precision across its entire fulfillment cycle – from a distributor’s warehouse to retail outlets to delivery field agents till it lands in the hands of the consumer. TMX-SD provides head office supervisors, distributors, wholesalers and retailers with real-time insights, visualizations, analysis tools, inventory updates, and management of sales targets and promotional offers.

TMX-SD has been successfully deployed to support smartphone sales at more than 30,000 retail outlets. Nokia’s distribution and sales operations have been running smoothly, contributing productively in the company’s growth in these regional markets.