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Since its inception in 1996, Techlogix – an IT services, consulting, and business solutions company – has helped clients achieve enterprise transformation by using innovation and emerging technologies.

We build high performance solutions leveraging our practice-specific delivery methodologies that utilize our globally distributed development teams. Our people combine the spirit of engineering excellence with a strong commitment to deliver a delightful end-to-end customer experience. Founded by two MIT graduates, Techlogix employs approximately 350+ people in 5 delivery centers worldwide.




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Organizations across the globe are struggling with the dual mandates of cost efficiency and value delivery while supporting growth and innovation. In an environment of flat budgets yet rising expectations, Information Technology is still often seen as a cost center not a profit driver. Yet there are powerful new trends that can enable you to manage these competing priorities effectively.

We are laser-focused on utilizing the following emerging trends to unlock the key value of your enterprise:

Emerging Technologies

We help enterprises in creating disruptive digital products and platforms. We help clients to design, implement, and adopt new technologies such as AI, Blockchain, and the Cloud. Our teams of experts synchronize with change agents within client organizations to bring our experience, ideas, and design thinking to identify new areas of innovation and collaboratively implement these ideas.

Process Centricity

We assist organizations in launching enterprise-wise process centric initiatives: translating corporate performance objectives into measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); identification of tools of change and innovation that can be placed into the hands of people actually doing the work; launching continuous process improvement initiatives to yield ROI quickly; building digital solutions that dramatically increase process efficiency.

Pervasive Analytics

Organizations want to analyze performance in real-time, to effect timely and pro-active decision-making. We help our customers in infusing intelligence into the enterprise: from the measurement of performance indicators to mining nuggets of insights from the huge amounts of non-structured Big Data about an organization’s products or services being generated by the increased interaction with customers through web sites, social networking, and other online channels.


Cloud computing is impacting enterprise IT in a dramatic fashion. Inflexible hardware configurations and complex on-premise software applications are being replaced by subscription-based applications delivered as a service. We design tailored solutions for our customers that utilize the cloud infrastructure to enable them to scale operations as and when needed.

Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility is the inherent face of the new untethered enterprise. It will have deep imprints in the business processes, IT infrastructure and security policies in the company. We strategize, build, and help deploy mobile applications on smarter phones, tablets, and other Internet-enabled devices that help migrate organizations to a world where work-related information is accessible anywhere, anytime.

Our Story of Product Innovation

In 2015, after two decades of being an IT services company, we went through a strategic re-think of our business model and with fresh injection of investment capital, embarked on a journey of developing our own cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) set of products.


Techlogix launches TLX Mobility – a subsidiary focused on developing cloud-based mobility products for Secondary Sales and Distribution and Digital Lending.


Techlogix launches AlmusNet – a subsidiary that has developed a cloud-native Student Information System for colleges and universities.


Techlogix launches Vicenna – a subsidiary that has developed a patient-centric Hospital Management and Electronic Health Record solution which improves the provisioning of healthcare and efficiency of hospitals and clinics.

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