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Innovation and Software Product Engineering

Are you a technology startup rapidly innovating to create your market?

Has your product crossed the proverbial chasm and you are ready to scale up?

Perhaps your product is already mature and you are looking to balance customer focus, innovation, robustness and security?

And are you struggling to deliver ever-increasing product feature-sets in shortening go-to-market timeframes?

Techlogix helps enterprises overcome these key challenges while creating disruptive digital products and platforms. We help clients to design, implement, and adopt new technologies (for example, machine-learning and blockchain) and to migrate workloads to the cloud. Our Innovation and Software Product Engineering (ISPE) practice covers engagements ranging from complete platform development to specific module development to targeted enhancements on an existing product codebase.

Having a partner with deep experience of the multiple phases of the SPE lifecycle as well as the requisite technology and domain skills, can help you become a market leader!

Techlogix provides technology develop teams to assist companies through the full product lifecycle. With more than 50 success stories sustained over several years, we understand that each software product company is unique and its needs change over time. Our success comes from understanding your unique needs and addressing them swiftly through our technology experts, agile methodology and a host of tools that we leverage for efficiency as well as effectiveness.

We have worked extensively in the development of:

  • Mobile and tablet native applications
  • Cloud based software platforms
  • Biometric systems
  • APIs for existing product platforms

Our Software Product Engineering services offer you:

Focus on Innovation

Our teams of experts synchronize with you to bring their experience, ideas and design thinking to identify new areas of innovation and collaboratively implement these ideas.

Grade prediction for academic progress of students

Techlogix has developed a student grade prediction module for a cloud based campus management solution. Final grades are predicted at various stages during the semester. The predicted grade report for each student includes major reasons for the prediction allowing constructive feedback that prevents drop outs reducing financial losses for institutions and stigmas for students. Where available, associated social and demographic data is included in a predicted grade report highlighting any special circumstances and overall student population trends.



Smart Contracts for Real Estate

Techlogix is currently engaged with a public sector entity in helping implement Smart Contracts for real estate property transfers. This is a first of its kind initiative in the country and would improve security by helping prevent fraud transactions and provide better transparency to the regulator helping improve tax collections and lost revenue. It would also help improve operational inefficiencies by removing intermediaries and reducing the administrative effort of record keeping and transaction reconciliation.


Occupancy Classification for Smart Airbag Deployment

Techlogix developed a real-time and cost-effective vision-based 3D occupancy detection and classification system for smart airbag deployment for Eaton Corporation, a leading automobile technology company. The key system requirements were to detect the presence of an object in close proximity of the airbag (the “at-risk” zone) within 10ms and to determine occupant type on the front passenger seat of the automobile. The airbag controller would use this information to determine whether or not to deploy the airbag. Techlogix developed a fast stereo-vision algorithm for depth-mapping to determine the presence of an object in the at-risk zone. For occupant determination, a multi-stage expert system was developed to classify the occupants as adult, child, rear-facing infant seat, front-facing child seat and other. Using hundreds of static images, more than 500 features were extracted and input to a Machine Learning classifier. The ML classifier output and selected features were used in the second stage heuristic classifier to improve accuracy and calculate a Confidence Factor for each classification. The system achieved a detection accuracy of >92% and an airbag deployment accuracy of 100%. A joint patent was awarded to Eaton and Techlogix (Patent # US6459974 B1).





To capture your market and to keep your customers (and investors!) happy you need to move faster than internet speed. We provide the right teams at the right time to bring the needed scalability as well as speed.

Greater Value for your


You can choose whether you want the development team co-located or you want to benefit from the cost advantage of offshore teams. Or perhaps you want to have the best of both worlds with a hybrid team.

IP Protection

Our business depends on long-term relationships with our customers built on mutual trust. Protecting your confidential information and IP is engraved deeply in our culture and your IP is secure.

Our Strengths

Cloud & Mobility Enablement

The advent of Cloud Computing and Mobility has caused a paradigm shift – products are no longer limited to a geographical region or a specific technology, but are accessible 24/7 across the globe from devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

We design and develop “real” cloud and mobile applications – not just traditional apps migrated to hosted environments. We offer services to:

  • Architect and implement performance centric, multi-tenant and secure products using Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Force.com and OpenStack.
  • Re-engineer existing on-premise products into SaaS-based solutions.
  • Identify compute, storage, networking, high-availability and scaling requirements to design a flexible architecture and roadmap so that platforms start small and scale up or out judiciously.
  • Utilize benchmarking analytics tools to continually monitor and adjust the performance vs. cost tradeoffs as per your current business needs.
  • Leverage patterns & development frameworks to build native Android and iOS native applications optimized for device specific feature benefits. HTML, JavaScript experience combined with responsive design allow for mobile websites and cross-browser & cross-device ease of use. The server side back-end is built using Java, ASP.NET, PHP or Python frameworks that best fit your product’s architectural needs.


We help our customers identify analytical needs from several perspectives – functional, operational, security, audit – and incorporate monitoring hooks within the product design for immediate or future needs.

We generate social metrics – such as brand reach, engagement, customer acquisition, conversion and popularity – from streams of data from a range of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, etc.

We also utilize Big Data platforms to collect and process large-scale data feeds and streams from internal systems and third parties such as Google Analytics. We have experience in creating customer personas, usage trends and a multi-dimensional 360 view of the user.

Our Methodology

User Experience (UX) Design

Our creative design and development experts aim to ensure that every encounter with your user is an appealing, rich and useful experience that invites, engages, and results in repeat usage.

The lifecycle starts with the development of aesthetically appealing and conceptually meaningful visual themes of the product using color, fonts and images effectively. Physical or digital visual storyboarding workshops help to chalk out the modules and features on your priority using tools such as colorful sticky notes or Trello. Mobile-first and responsive design screen mock-ups using industry standards such as Google Material Design, are created with prototyping tools such as JustInMind. The design is then published and collaborated to consensus over tools such as InVision.

Our Agile Development Toolkit

The Toolkit is a set of roles, practices and templates that enable our teams – trained in agile methods – to deliver using widely accepted industry practices such as product backlog, sprint planning, daily scrums, sprint demos, code reviews, and process retrospectives. You get end-to-end visibility from a long-term product Roadmap plan built using a Gantt chart. The user stories, sprint planning, effort estimation and issue/task management is done in tools like Atlassian Jira and Confluence. A PMO tracking sheet helps in sprint planning and ETA forecasting through complexity based estimates in relative Agile scales such as story points. It includes requirements change traceability and a PM’s RAID Log that at any time provides a 360 degree view and continual de-risking of change management, project risks, issues, action items, and decisions in meeting minutes. The holistic view is transparently visible to the customer and team in synchronization using collaborative means such as Google Drive, Jira, Asana or Trello.


The code release cycle is continuous integration, merging, integration and deployment by Dev, QA and Infra teams using code repositories such as Subversion and Git.

The products are tested functionally and for non-functional requirements such as robustness, security, performance, load and scale using manual and automated tools and techniques by our dedicated performance engineering team.

The product Go-To-Market and sales life cycle is supported by syncing the software & hardware stack and data of the product cloud environments so that Dev = QA and Stage = Production. This is key for effective UAT and releases on Production leading to win-win Go-Lives.

An Overview of Our Services

Success Stories

UBL launches Mobile Wallets

United Bank Limited is Pakistan’s third largest commercial Bank with over 1,000 branches across Pakistan and a network of international operations. UBL provides a comprehensive set of banking services focused on both retail and corporate customers with a track record for bringing innovation to the Banking industry in Pakistan.

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xiQ hits the SweetSpot

xiQ is a company focused on building mobile business apps that collect publicly available content and combine it with information from social and professional networks enabling business professionals to gain the extra intelligence required to discover the right opportunities, make smart decisions and engage intelligently with prospects.

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Remote Patient Monitoring using Smart Phones & Tablets

Neutrino RPM is an innovative way to connect patients with their healthcare providers to communicate periodic updates on their condition between visits. It includes a proprietary survey engine that generates a set of targeted questions customized to the specific history and condition of the patient. An easy to use mobile app, that is available for most Apple and Android smart phones and tablets, asks patients to respond to these questions from the comfort of their home.

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A robust and scalable event lead automation platform

The atEvent Event Sales Intelligence Platform lets sales and marketing teams capture higher quality leads and provides detailed sales-specific insights so companies can increase the success of their events. The solution helps companies generate qualified leads, measure and monetize their event activity, and accelerate sales velocity after events.

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