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Techlogix has deep expertise in designing and implementing integration strategies for our customers to enable them to reap the benefits of data synchronization…to functional application integration…to seamless and secure business-process integration and optimization.

As companies are embracing digital transformation, they are realizing that traditional point-to-point integration strategies – designed at a time when there were fewer endpoints and slower delivery expectations – do not work anymore. Modern technologies involved in digital transformation initiatives – notably SaaS, mobile, and the Internet of Things (IoT) – have dramatically increased the number of endpoints to connect to. With the wave of deploying additional enterprise applications continuing unabated, these explosive requirements have made the integration landscape architecturally cluttered, inflexible, and expensive (due to the needs of managing complex production deployments and the increasing costs of providing software support and enhancements).

For over two decades, we have delivered large-scale, complex, cutting-edge integration solutions in several industries. We use the most appropriate tools and techniques – from traditional Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to hybrid integration models leveraging APIs and integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS).

With Techlogix, you will receive the unique value of the best solutions, the most effective remedies, and smooth integration. That’s because our service offerings are based on new-generation solutions, frameworks and methodologies, bolstered by industry best practices and extensive knowledge repositories.

Our Services

Advisory and Consulting Services

We can help refine your strategy to achieve real-time, seamless integrated business performance and an integrated view at the enterprise level. Our integration experts can help you in a number of critical areas – integration roadmap and governance definition, service modeling, API consulting, cloud integration, and integration platform evaluation.

Middleware Development

We develop and implement middleware interfaces, services, or APIs to integrate our client’s business applications in a structured manner. We provide assessment, design, standardization, seamless migration, implementation, operation and support for middleware that glues your IT systems and makes them future ready.

API Integration

We are helping clients migrate from a point-to-point integration strategy to an API-led connectivity approach that packages underlying connectivity and orchestration services as easily discoverable and reusable building blocks, exposed by APIs. We structure these building blocks across distinct systems, process, and experience layers, to achieve both greater organizational agility and greater control.

Cloud Integration

We help our clients move to a multi-cloud, hybrid integration strategy that helps them integrate applications, systems and storage within the cloud and between cloud and on premise without compromising security, flexibility, and transactional speed. Depending on a client’s level of cloud adoption within their enterprise, the level of capability of existing Integration platforms, and the state of other Digital Transformation initiatives, we can outline the most optimal path to get on the cloud: developing Custom built Cloud Integration, extending Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), or deploying and building upon an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS).

Success Stories

PSAV embarks on digital transformation with API-led Integration

PSAV, a global leader in event experiences, is a company on the move. It has been rapidly expanding its footprint across the world – fueled by an aggressive acquisition-led strategy. PSAV had a heterogenous environment of enterprise applications and home-grown custom solutions. These systems were tightly coupled together using point to point data integrations to support the data flow for key business processes.

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Al Fardan Exchange integrates in real-time with banks across the world

Al Fardan Exchange is one of the largest currency exchange based out of Qatar. Aside from changing currency notes, funds transfer and remittance is a key business segment for Al Fardan. Qatar hosts a non-resident population of more than 1.5 million workers drawn from across the world but with significant concentrations from South Asia, Philippines, Indonesia and Egypt. A large majority of this work force remits money to their home countries on a monthly basis. However, commercial banks in Qatar typically are not very interested in this business as it distracts their branch staff from serving their top end clientele.

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