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Nestlé Sales Mobility

Nestlé Pakistan is an $800 Million revenue subsidiary of Nestlé SA, the global food giant. Nestlé Pakistan today is the leading Food & Beverages Company in Pakistan with key focus on Nutrition, Health and Wellness and reaching the remotest of locations throughout Pakistan to serve consumers. Its primary product lines are milk based products, beverages, bottled water and other food products.

Nestlé Sales Mobility is an Android application which enables Nestlé sales teams to record orders, from different points of sales, offline. Process of Nestlé sales is divided into following three steps:

  1. Order Booking
  2. Invoice Generation
  3. Goods Issue Note

This application is designed to automate Order Booking process of Nestlé sales management system. Orders are recorded offline and later these records are synced back into the central database.

This solution provide following benefits:

  • Automation of Order Booking Process.
  • Offline Storage in Absence of Network.
  • Lazy Synchronization in-between Central Database and User Database.

Product Features

Order Booking

The most important feature of this application is Order Booking. Salesperson, who is an application user, selects the ‘route’ and ‘point of sale’. Then salesperson selects a product and adds its quantity. It is repeated as many times as required. Tax calculation and total value summaries are calculated implicitly and are displayed. When the order is complete it is manually saved by touching ‘save’ button. An order can be edited any time and even after being saved.


The promotions screen shows which promotions are currently active. One can see details of a promotion as well. There could be multiple types of promotions and these are applied when a product or line item is added in an order.

Orders History

An order history screen is provided which allows viewing of currently taken orders. It also provides status of order whether it is synchronized back to main database or not. An unsynchronized order can be edited. Synchronization process removes history previous than last fourteen days (by default).

Sales History

Two screens are provided to view sales history. One provides history grouped by ‘Point of Sale’ and second provides history grouped by ‘Product’. ‘Start and end dates’ and ‘Point of Sales’ options to find an order are provided.


A screen is provided to view current inventory. It provides list of products and currently present quantity. An option to view currently present products is provided.


Synchronization is backbone of the system. Each device is associated to a salesperson and it is synchronized once a day. Two types of data are being synchronized:

Meta data

It includes; Salesperson Information, Routes (which are scheduled for the salesperson), Point of Sales Information, Inventory Snapshot, currently Active Products, and currently Active Promotions.

Transactional data

It includes; Orders information, Orders Details, History of last Fourteen Days,

Application Architecture

The Application NSM Android Application is native Android application. NSM Desktop Application and Synchronization Utility are built in .NET framework. Main Database is a MS SQL Server. Mobile database is built in a SQLite database.

Nestlé Sales Mobility (NSM) Architecture

For synchronization a utility is made which has different synchronization options like Fresh sync, Assign device to a salesperson, Normal synchronization.