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Techlogix builds a robust and scalable

event lead automation platform

atEvent is a US based event lead automation platform which helps enterprises manage and offer insights into their events leading to optimization of leads capture and pursuit.

atEvent is the most comprehensive and market trendsetting event lead automation platform. It lets sales and marketing teams capture higher quality leads and provide detailed sales-specific insights so companies can increase the success of their events. atEvent connects pre-event, at even and post event lead engagement to accelerate sales velocity.

atEvent is fully integrated with the most widely used Marketing Automation and CRM systems and provides a user-and account-level view of prospect activity that drives automated, rapid follow-up and personalized prospect nurturing.

With rapidly increasing popularity and growing demand, atEvent was in dire need of a robust and scalable cloud native SaaS platform. Techlogix was tasked to assist on all aspects of design, development, rollout and future upgrades of such a platform.

The Challenge

Enterprises typically spend 20-30% of their marketing budgets on events, and yet are often saddled with hard-to-use and inefficient lead-capture devices that do little to maximize the return on their event investment.

The founders of atEvent wanted a lead automation solution that was easy to use, easy to train and flexible enough to cater to the enterprise needs.

Solution Requirements

The major solutions requirements were:

  • Flexibility: Given the wide variety of events, one of the key requirements was to be able design a system that flexible enough to capture additional meta information for leads.
  • Security: Since the platform had to operate in different territories and lead information was a matter of privacy, so, it was important to ensure proper data encryption was in place to prevent data leakages and conform to applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Scalability: The platform had to be designed to handle ups and downs of event traffic volumes. The platform was supposed to gracefully handle surges in traffic and scale down when traffic slows down to optimize cost.
  • Integrations: One of the key requirements was to be able to support a variety of bi-directional integrations with the most widely used Marketing automation and CRM systems.

Mobile Application Product as the Solution

The atEvent app helps sales and marketing capture higher quality leads that can be nurtured or routed to sales for immediate follow up.

atEvent’s Card Scanner mobile app is for salespeople to collect contact data at the event via direct input or just scanning the card and using OCR (Optical Character Recognition). And with their application fully integrated–companies can push that data directly through to their CRM.

The atEvent Card Scanner app is fully integrated with the most widely used and trusted marketing automation and CRM systems, enabling field salespeople to automatically transfer highly accurate prospect data to their preferred systems and start the lead-nurturing process immediately.

atEvent Application Features


Scan attendee’s business cards or badges to accurately capture prospect contact info, add topics and follow-ups, and automatically create rich prospect interaction records in Marketing Automation or CRM systems for near real-time nurturing.

Check In

Check in event attendees who visit atEvent customer booth and interact with their team. Pull in pre-registered users from their Eloqua, Marketo or Hubspot landing pages and add rich prospect interaction data from event interactions to their prospect profiles. Notify salespeople when any mapped accounts check in so they can follow up and accelerate the sales cycle.

Review & Manage

Allow sales and marketing staff to view attendee profiles, update prospect records, and review account-level interaction across events and get the pulse on sales actions by reviewing trending topics and follow-up actions.

Nurture & Follow Up

The atEvent app integrates seamlessly with most Marketing Automation and CRM system so sales and marketing teams can receive high-quality event contacts and leads in near real-time and begin nurturing them right away.

atEvent Platform Features

Higher Quality Leads

Rather than just gathering names, sales and marketing staff can use the atEvent app to increase engagement with those who show actual interest in atEvent
customers’ products or services–leading to cleaner data, better metrics and higher sales conversions.

Rich Prospect and Account Interaction Data

Card collections, sign-ins, and newsletter sign-ups can only tell a sales team team who visited their booth. With atEvent, sales and marketing staff can add
important context to prospect records, including topics discussed, top solution areas of interest, and follow-up actions–for personalized prospect nurturing and faster sales conversion.

Sales Intelligence Dashboard

The number of names captured is an imperfect metric for the success of an event. The atEvent dashboard pulls together detailed insights about trending topics and follow-up actions, cost per lead, covered account activity and more–so sales and marketing have all the information they need to accelerate the sales process.

Interaction History Across Events

Typical enterprise sales do not happen with an individual, but an account, over time. Insights about interactions with a single prospect at a single event are only part of the picture. The atEvent dashboard lets sales and marketing quickly and easily see the whole account and prospect engagement story and plan the next step accordingly.

Marketing Automation and CRM Integration

Rapid, personalized follow-up is the best way to capitalize on event interactions. atEvent is fully integrated with the most widely used Marketing Automation and CRM systems to provide a comprehensive view of prospect and account activity–enabling automated, targeted prospect nurturing after the event.